I live for experiences that make me feel something. I am a chaser of authentic moments and truly believe we all have something beautiful to offer in this life. This led me to photography 15 years ago on my first international trip to Italy. I spent a month wandering through the historic monuments of Rome, the magical streets of Florence, and the hills of Sicily. Intrigued by a new way of life and culture, I began documenting moments that felt important to me. From the big ones to the small ones, they all found a special place through my lens. 
Through this, I’ve discovered my draw towards human connection and the immense joy I find in capturing the love and life of those around me. We are each a compilation of the unique and important experiences we have lived and I am honored to capture what makes your story yours. 
In my free time you can find me with an old film camera, catching a concert, cooking a new recipe in our cabin in Old Snowmass, or on an outdoor adventure with our sweet Australian Shepherd, Finley. I love a day filled with backroads, good food, and quality time with my loved ones, all in these mountains I have called home for 30 years. 

Hello, I'm Emily

Travel is where my passion for photography began and those experiences gifted me the space to learn about other cultures, beliefs, and ways of life. It has impacted me immensely and I am forever thankful for the chance to experience new places and people.


I have spent my life pursuing adventure in the mountains I have called home and throughout the world. The time spent in them has given me freedom, healing, joy, and an appreciation of nature. My work is deeply inspired by time in nature.

Mountain Adventures

My fiancé Tye and dog Finley mean the world to me. Our favorite days are spent outside together, exploring or relaxing. Tye is my biggest supporter, Finley my constant companion, and they both keep me laughing through it all.


I grew up with a mom who made amazing dishes from scratch and could make a simple meal feel special. Cooking quickly became a creative outlet in my early 20's and I not only love to cook but also love the way good food brings people together.


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