Have you ever met someone that makes you feel all the goodness and kindness and you just feel like they are overwhelming good at being good? I hope you have, but if you haven’t let me introduce you to Kelly and Shaun. I have no doubt that wherever these two choose to go in life, it will be one great adventure. Their engagement shoot was nothing short of just that. We did an Estes Park adventure engagement shoot; started early, and ended late, road-tripped into Rocky Mountain National Park. We climbed (and slipped) up snow covered mountains, and scrambled over rocky vistas. We spent the day exploring and laughing and got some of my favorite images to date. I adore these two.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Hand holding and snowy trust falls: Mackenna Johnson with Chasing Whimsey 

November 16, 2018

Estes Park Adventure Engagement | Kelly and Shaun




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