Our photos turned out better than we could have dreamed. We had a destination wedding in Aspen and hiring a local planner and photographer were two of our best choices. Emily had so much insight on when lighting would be best and how to best capture the beautiful mountain backdrop at sunset. Slipping away for a few minutes for this was something we didn’t know we needed. It’s one of our favorite memories from our day. Emily was kind, attentive, and so fun to work with. 

My husband and I got our wedding photos back and we couldn’t believe how special they were. Emily captured so many moments we didn’t get to see and brought us back to our favorite memories. Seeing our friends and family captured throughout the day was everything and we could feel the emotions coming through each photo. Hiring a photographer who not only captured all the emotions and joy from our day but also spent time to get to know us and intentionally show up on our wedding day made Emily the perfect choice for us. She balanced getting pictures that we will cherish forever while letting us be in the moment and connect with our loved ones. 

We had friends tell us to choose our photographer wisely because of how much time is spent with them on your wedding day. We not only fell in love with Emily’s photography style but her personality. She brought a calmness to our day while also understanding when to hype us up and when to create moments of romance, fun, and silliness. She made us and our guests feel so comfortable and we had people share with us after the wedding how great she was. She perfectly balances professionalism with feeling like a friend and it truly added so much to our wedding. 

We flew Emily out for our engagement session in California on our family's sailboat and it was the best choice we could have made. She embraced our session out at sea while also understanding light, composition, and how to make us feel comfortable. We had so much fun! We got our photos back and couldn't have loved them more. There was a mix of fun, playful, and romantic pictures that really felt like they captured who we are as a couple.

Kind Words