For this Breckenridge elopement I left early before the sun was awake. The sky filled with reds and oranges as I made my way to Breckenridge. I saw the first signs of fall in the air and still nothing in this world makes me more excited than the changing seasons in Colorado. The magic of the morning air crisp and the leaves turning and swirling.

Klaudia and her mom were nestled in Huxley Rose Hair Shop. Laughter and excitement filled the salon as Klaudia added her final details. Her flower crown was made in Poland where her and her family are from. She placed it in her loose red curls twisted into an updo. Back at their hotel room, Victor adjusted his bow tie and shined his shoes. I could feel his nerves, but they were the really, really good kind. The kind I can feel in my soul, that make me giddy, that make this job feel like such a gift. His mom adjusted his boutonniere, he read over his vows, played with their son. Everyone packed up and we headed to Sapphire Point.

Victor and their families added final touches to the flowers on the aspen arbor as Klaudia waited with her arm linked in her dads. Klaudias brother played the guitar and it was time. Sweet notes brought Klaudia down the dirt path to Victor overlooking the lake and mountains. They both cried and laughed and held hands and made vows, promises, plans and kissed to seal the deal. Their five closest loved ones watched with tear filled eyes. Finally, they were officially married, on top of a mountain, their dream come true. A Breckenridge elopement.

As a photographer, there is nothing quite like the energy you feel from a couple right after their ceremony. Whether it’s on a mountain top, in a church, along a river or in the bustling city, the joy is unlike any other I’ve really experienced. Combine this with the flexibility of elopements and it’s a recipe for uninterrupted, big joy. Lastly, we wandered the trails and stopped for trees and mountains and moments of celebration and I captured it all.

Enjoy this Breckenridge elopement and make sure to check out all the vendors who made this day possible!
Hair and Makeup: Huxley Rose Hair
Dress: Vicky Mermaid Bridal
Florals: Shelley Grant
Officiant: Colorado Weddings by Dan

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Klaudia and Victor at Breckenridge elopement

January 4, 2020

Breckenridge Elopement | Klaudia and Victor




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