I have known Kira since High School and it was one of my favorite things to reconnect with her. She does photography in Oklahoma City and is a grounded, rock solid person who makes you feel known when you spend time with her. Her and her husband Preston are intentional with one another and radiate respect and admiration. We picked the beautiful Colorado mountains near Buena Vista as their backdrop and boy did it not disappoint. They laugh easily and were so great at going with the flow. You might be thinking, “why would you need to ‘go with the flow’ on an engagement shoot?” 50 mile an hour winds at 20 degree windchill with snow on the ground is my answer to that. OH and Kira was in little flats… I know, the real MVPs. They killed it and the images are some of my favorites.



December 28, 2017

Buena Vista, Lifestyle Shoot | Kira and Preston




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